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Aroma Sense is the worlds first developed aroma sense cartridge with food grade Vitamin C. Enjoy the ultimate luxury shower experience with Aroma Sense Shower Head. It makes your shower time healthy, revitalizing and refreshing with clean and chlorine-free water all in an aroma-scented bathroom.

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Enjoy Refreshing and Luxurious shower with Aroma Sense Prestige.
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Aroma therapy

Aroma Scent from the natural aroma essential oil, gives you an enjoyable and luxurious shower experience (20% of Aroma Stick).

Vitamin C Shower

Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons is concentrated into a capsule by cutting-edge technology. 0.6~1.2mgs of Vitamin C (food grade), per liter of water is added during the shower.

Removal of residual chlorine

Our gel-type Vitamin C removes more than 98% of residual chlorine in water so that you can use clean water to shower your skin and hair. This helps reduce hair fall & dry skin.

Strong Water Pressure

Experience spa massaging effect from the increased water pressure. Also, our patented triangular hole water spray plate brings about a 15~30% saving of water.

Anion shower

Our patented triangular hole water spray plate releases 421,000 anions/cc of water. Negative Ions can be found naturally in nature and helps in relaxation.

Antibacterial effect and removal of rust

The micro fabric filter removes rust and other particles from old pipes. It also has an antibacterial ceramic ball inside of the shower head which helps reduce bacteria.

AS-Prestige Shower Head

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A Flagship model of the Aroma Sense range. Two-toned metallic color and an elegant sculpture design. This model elevates the bathroom to the highest level, to that of a 7 star hotel equivalent.

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AS-701 Shower Head

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An extra-large-sized water spray plate head model and It feels like you are under the pouring rain. An extra-large-sized premium shower head made of luxurious full-chrome.

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AS-9000 Shower Head

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Water like silk abundantly spraying out of the medium and large-sized curved water spray plate. A modern and refined premium full-chrome body design. Best Seller in Singapore since 2012.

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Refreshing aroma scent will revitalize your exhausted body and mind. The goal of this therapy is to recover the balance of body and mind with natural essential oil scents and its remedial effects.

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Holes In Laser-Etched Spray Plate



Increase In Water Pressure (Up To)




Lemons of Vitamin C in Every Cartridge

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Reviews left by our customers
  • I bought a second one after trying the first. This is a must buy for the shower as the water spray is really fine and it is powerful.
  • Very fast delivery Delivered after 5 pm as per request. Shower is fine and strong. Item looks genuine. Hopefully indeed hair fall will reduce and skin Will be better with this aroma sense shower head. Very excited to use it. Thanks seller.
  • Good jet pressure, fragrant is mild and sweet. Used it for the 1st time so can't comment on the benefits yet. For sure the water jet is more powerful than my existing shower head. Just a slight turn on the knob is more powerful than my full turn on my previous shower head. Hope i can really see a decrease in my water bill next month!
  • These are my fourth purchase .. The pressure is strong and good and great showering experience ... Well received and in good packing. Excellent water pressure and simple but well designed products.

Shower in Luxury with Aroma Sense Shower Heads


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