What is the difference between the different model shower heads?

All Aroma Sense models have the aroma therapy effect, equipped with Vitamin C filter that keeps your skin smooth and hair well nourished while removing 98% of residual chlorine. All our shower heads come with patented triangular hole water spray plate technology and has the effect of 20~50% water saving while increasing water pressure compared to other shower heads. Our Aroma Sense shower heads also has anti-bacterial ceramic balls and micro fabric filter that removes debris and rust.

Our Aroma Sense Shower Head models have been sold to over 10000 residential properties (Landed properties, Condominiums and HDBs) in Singapore since 2012. As water flow rate of each residential properties varies, we strongly recommended customers to choose accordingly to their preference & water pressure at home.

is for consumers who want to enjoy highest level of class. Prestige is a luxurious looking shower head to fit any designer home.

is recommended for customers with higher water pressure. This model helps you get rain shower feel with a hand held shower head.

is our best seller since 2012. This models has the best water pressure of the series.

is for customers who like to change their Rain Shower Head. The size of the spray head is the same as AS-701. Best used shower facilities in Hotels, Spas, Country Clubs & Swimming Clubs.

PS: All our Aroma Sense Series Shower Heads have the same benefits and are differentiated by looks and water pressure output.


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